Life-sized Iron Man Mark III armor is all yours to own

While superheroes have a worldwide cult following, it is the passionate fans who will go any length to satiate their desire for superhero love. Iron Man is one superhero a lot of fans love, partly because of Tony Stark – or should I say Robert Downey Jr and of course the iron Man suit.

The Iron Man suit is one thing most of us wish to own in our pipedreams, and to get closer to the reality you can actually get a life-sized replica and add it to your geek den’s collection of superhero props.

Iron Man Mark III armor

Designed by Sideshow Collectibles, this life-like Iron Man suit is a perfect representation of the improved suit design Tony Stark embarked on. After identifying the icing problem, Tony created the Iron Man Mark III armor to take on the bad guys.

This real-life representation of the iconic suit has every detailed etched to the last detail. Be it the dimensions of the armor or the gold and red livery. The 6 feet 10 inches tall suit stands on a light-up base, almost ready for take-off.

Collectible for a geeky den

The functional suit has the arc reactor embedded in the chest and the eyes also light up. To complete the realism, the repulsors in the palms of the gauntlets also come to life. Iron Man Mark III armor is crafted out of fiber glass and weighs 130 pounds in total.

Iron Man movie fanatics will surely have a hard time getting their eyes off of the Iron Man Mark III armor. The privilege of owning this armor is going to cost $7,950 which will be out of reach for most fans out there. Plus you’ve to consider the fact, an upfront payment of $1,000 has to be made to make it the centerpiece of your living room!