Lifelike Hot Wheels RC Batmobile replica from The Batman movie

Matt Reeve’s upcoming Batman movie christened “The Batman” will bring along a new Batmobile that all of us are looking forward to. Unlike previous Batmobiles which were futuristic, this one has a very rugged character to it. Something that you can compare to Mad Max Fury Road’s modified vehicles – built for the kill!

The Batman will hit theaters in 2022 and already the anticipation is high. Perhaps the right timing to create a life-like replica Batmobile from the franchise. A vehicle that follows Bruce Wayne’s past, and that’s the reason, doesn’t have the customary futuristic appeal to it.

The Ultimate Batmobile

Have a look at this 1:10 RC replica (for adults) of the Batmobile that we’ll see in the next Batman movie.The Hot Wheels RC Batmobile is the work of Mattel Creations who’ve vowed us in the past with a two-foot long Batmobile replica ahead of the Justice League’s launch in 2017.

This one is has a muscle car charm to it, and should not be compared to a kid’s RC car by any means. The Batman The ultimate Batmobile measures 20-inches long and looks to be crafted with incredible attention to detail. The longitudinal mid-engined twin-turbo V8 is a miniature art of work, complete with water vapor and LEDs that create the effect of the jet blast when on full throttle. Apparently, it can run for 20-25 minutes on a single charge and hit top speeds of 15 mph.

Interiors personified to the last detail

The interiors get special attention with a roll cage, roughed-up seating and illuminating gauges. To recreate some movie magic, the water misting system makes the Batmobile emerge from the fog for a very mean profile. All this is complemented by the 6-inch Batman figurine that moves its hands to emulate the steering input and T-handle gear shift.

To complete it all, the RC car gets its own Batcave parking stand (used for recharging) which has light and sound, Bat-signal spotlight and illuminated screens. Seriously this is one cool Batmobile that needs to be on the shelf of a Batman fan. The pre-orders have started at a price tag of $500 with shipping promised before July 2022. So now’s the time to get one for yourself!