Limited-edition Balenciaga Toe Sneakers are now available

That’s technology, innovation and design right there in your face in form of Toe sneaker from luxury fashion house Balenciaga. First introduced to the world at Balenciaga’s Winter 20 runway presentation, the pair of sneakers from the marque’s collaboration with Vibram is finally on sale internationally.

With a look that’s willing to make some hate the sheer purpose of footwear is available for both women and men. For girls, there’s high-heeled style and for the men there are sneakers.

The design

Balenciaga Toe shoes come in two sneakers for men and, as we said, high-heeled style for women. Each of these limited edition shoes is made from recycled knit and feature a five-toed foam insole, which ensure comfort in all occasions, while walking, climbing or jogging.

These are based on Vibram’s patent FiveFinger shoe technology, and the company has added an extra layer of rubber grip to the soles to make them even more refined. And then Balenciaga takes the FiveFinger concept to new highs by adding a bounce and height to the heel of the shoe for an extra comfortable experience.


Each Balenciaga Toe sneaker features Vibram and Balenciaga logos on the edges. The men’s sneakers come in Carmine Red and Black colors whereas the women’s high-heeled styles come in Neon Pink and Back colorways. 

The limited-edition Balenciaga Toe Sneakers are now exclusively available on Balenciaga stores and select online retailers. You can pick up a pair starting at about $1350 (AUD 1,900).