Reebok Classic Leather Stoner ready to celebrate 4/20

April 20 is fast approaching. Not that we’re excited to celebrate the cannabis culture but we’re looking forward to new sneakers and other 4/20 related products to be announced. Adidas went ahead so it’s no surprise that Reebok follows. 

After the South Park Adidas Campus 80 Towelie, here is another pair designed for 4-20. The holiday is unofficial but it is another opportunity for shoe brands to come up with new designs, colorways, and iterations of popular silhouettes. 

Reebok Classic Leather Stoner 4/20

Reebok Classic Leather Cannabis FZ3372 4-20 Where to Buy

From Reebok, it’s releasing its Classic Leather model in a new colorway. The weed-themed pair comes in white leather uppers, covering the mid-foot and toe boxes. The plain Footwear White material is topped by neon-colored  accents. 

Gradient of Vivid Yellow and Hero Yellow run on the lower parts of the shoes. The gradient color may remind you of the sky during dawn. 

Reebok Classic Leather Cannabis-themed Design

Reebok Classic Leather Cannabis FZ3372 4-20 Price

On the heels, you will see orange “Good” and “Morning” text on the left and right against a green background. The tongues and mid-foot windows show the red eye icons—you know, the look of your eyes when high on weed.

The new Reebok Classic Leather Stoner 4/20 is now available. Price tag reads $90. No need to wait for April 20. You can grab a pair now on