Limited-edition Harley-Davidson Serial 1 ebike is meant for serious off-roaders

Men have an obsessive fascination with Harley Davidson. There is no denying that their models are absolute beast, both on and off the road. Even, if you are a hater of the famous motorcycle manufacturer, you can’t deny that nothing comes closer to the roaring sound of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle scuttling the road.

Back in 2019, Harley-Davidson created a new electric bicycle company called Serial 1 Cycle to solely focus on pedal-assisted electric bikes. They went on to release multiple urban e-bike models and it became evident that an off-road ebike was pipelined. Three years later, Harley-Davidson spin-off brand, Serial 1 has launched its latest mountain ebike model, dubbed BASH/MTN. It is the first-ever electric mountain bike under the brand name, and by its rigid look, I can safely state that the ebike is meant for serious off trails.

Google cloud connectivity

The big news is the BASH/MTN features Google Cloud connectivity. The e-bike makers have integrated Google’s software products into its latest addition. With software-enabled e-bikes, riders can track their trips, collect data, and also keep a tab on their safety. In most ebikes, Bluetooth is used to connect with user’s smartphone but that is not the case with Serial 1 BASH/MTN. The ebike uses cellular and GPS to ensure riders can connect to their bikes with ease.

The ebike also features a removable 529Wh battery that offers 30 and 95 miles of range, though it depends on the track, where you are riding it. Taking just five hours to charge, it is available in four frame sizes for you to choose from. The BASH/MTN will be produced in a limited edition with a total of 1050 units. These units will equally be divided as 525 for the United States and 525 for the European market. Estimated to cost around $4,000, you might have to dig deep inside your pockets to buy one.

Rugged design ready for adventures

Harley Davidson adds no fuss or drama to its latest model that has got a 90s flick to it. The BASH/MTN features a fully rigid aluminum frame and has got no front or rear suspension. With two wheels and gear, the overall design of the ebike looks pretty simple. Boasting an old-school appearance, it looks like a piece that could stand the test of time.

BASH/MTN retains many of the same features as found in S1 MOSH/TRIBUTE. From Gates Carbon Drive belt for smooth functioning to internally routed cables and wires and integrated LED lighting, the ebike has it all. It also has 27.5-inch tubeless-ready tires from Michelin. The mountain ebike can accelerate to a top speed of 20 miles (32km) per hour and features TRP hydraulic disc brakes that will allow you to keep tabs on the speed.