Load Zotac VR Go 4.0 wearable PC on your back for ultimate VR experience

Virtual Reality is a questionable space. In spite of the hue and cry, we would have our reasons to continue experiencing an environment that promises to be the future. To that accord, if for a moment you have idealized VR untethered from the desk – the way it’s ideally meant to be – the most refined version of Zotac VR Go is here to realize that dream.

From the moment Zotac introduced the VR Go wearable PC, we have been put into a realm of unstoppable freedom to experience virtual reality. Into its fourth edition now, the Zotac VR Go 4.0 as it is called, can be carried in a backpack to rejoice an inconceivable, untethered “gaming, education or even adventures in unimaginable places.”


Just put on your favorite VR, AR or mixed reality headset; fasten the wearable PC to your back and transport yourself into an unhindered immersive VR environment. While gaming is the primary application that tinkers our sane mind; to put its creation in a more practical arena, Zotac notes, the VR Go 4.0 can also be used for visualizing architectural renders, simulating safety training, and for various therapies including rehabilitation.

Ensuring the hypnotic worlds can come alive with powerful and efficient computing, VR GO 4 packs an Intel Core i7-11800H processor and has graphics kicked in by the almost top-of-the-line Nvidia RTX A4500 GPU. The wearable PC weighs only 5.2kgs so you can conveniently move around with this guy on your back.


The innards also include 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM paired with 512GB M.2 SSD. The memory and storage of this air-cooled backpack computer are expandable. The I/O ports are placed on the top for convenient access, while the strapable, and sweatproof backpack with padded shoulder support ensures stress-free VR experience for up to 50 minutes courtesy of an onboard 6,000mAh battery.

Designed to let enthusiasts visualize and interact in a brilliantly rendered metaverse, Zotac’s solution is touted as one of the most impressive wireless VR options out there. There is no word on when and for how much the VR Go 4.0 will retail; speculatively it should settle around the $2,500 mark (taking other similar options into consideration).