Loef camper van with plush interiors, pull-out charcoal grill is a European delight

The US market is filled with fully-featured van homes that you can take to any sort of outdoor adventure. Outside of North America, Europe included, the concept is only picking up with the likes of Loef presenting a viable way forward.

This fully-equipped 24-foot MAN TGE is packed with interiors exuding Scandinavian design convened by wooden veneer finish and upholstery that speaks for itself. The camper is a tailor-made home on wheels for a family of four, though it’s apt to accommodate a party of ten on a day journey.

The Loef

Cramping up the goodness of a home in 24-foot area, the Loef doesn’t compromise on any utility, whether it is having an outdoor shower, a minibar or a pull-out grill for that matter. The Loef has it all to make your time on the road that much better!

The van is powered by a 180hp engine and it’s packed with a range of safety features to make the off-road times secure. Interestingly, the Loef team based out of Germany promises breakdown assistance in any part of Europe, which should be a takeaway for enthusiasts who don’t mind venturing the untrodden roads.

The facilities onboard

Finished in a gray matte on the outside, the warm interiors of the Loef comprise a seating area for up to ten passengers, which instantly transform into a comfortable sleep area for four – two adults and two children. The Loef feature a full kitchen complete with 4-burner gas stove, an oven, fridge and a matte black sink.

The bathroom with shower has a mirror cabinet for storage. There is a cassette toilet with an electric flush included. The main highlight still is the pull-out Big Green Egg charcoal grill in the rear of the Loef, which is not only an eye-candy but a real deal for short fun in transit or when you’ve based in the wilderness after a sizable drive.