Louis Vuitton wants you to fly $10,400 Monogram Kite, are you game?

What is the most “stand-out gift for the outdoor enthusiast”? You’ll have a few suggestions of your own but if you ask luxury brand Louis Vuitton – they’d say it’s a Monogram Kite! A kite that will set you back $10,400, if you set out to buy one.

That’s an obnoxious price for something that retails for about $50 on the higher side – a reason this overly priced item for the outdoor enthusiasts is being ridiculed on the internet.

Monogram kite

Louis Vuitton has its own league of customers – some who have a lot to spare – no wonder, it has extremely priced products in its portfolio. Nonetheless, why do they even have a kite that hardly anyone would prefer, is something we can wrap our head around.

Still, the Monogram Kite exists – for purchase online – that the company says makes a stand-out gift for the outdoor enthusiast. Did we say this price does not include taxes (up to $1,000 depending on where you are)? Anyway, for the fanatics, this kite is covered in Louis Vuitton’s signature initial print and it comes in ‘embossed Monogram canvas carry case in a red shade’ – do you think it’s worth it now?

What’s more?

This Monogram Kite was first seen at LV’s Men’s Spring-Summer 2020 show in 2019, but it’s making headlines now after a TikToker Jeffrey Huang roasted it saying “’All I gotta say is it better fly me to where I want to go.”

Sadly, this is not going to fly you no matter what you say and sadly still runs the risk of getting stuck up in a tree – all $11,000+ of it. In addition to this unattainable kite, the luxury brand is also selling an assortment of sporting items including $705 monogrammed jump rope, $2,869 dumbbells, and a whopping $135,000 billiard table.