Fanatec’s Bentley GT3 Steering Wheel is made for real car and virtual racing

Sim racing specialist Fanatec is known for its unique steering wheels that are good in both the virtual and real world. Yes, if your memory aids you, we are talking about the Podium Steering Wheel BMW M4 GT3. Now Fanatec has teamed up with Bentley for another sim racing wheel that fits in both worlds.

This time around the video game steering wheel manufacturer has again blurred the lines between real hardcore racing on the tarmac and high octane racing in the virtual world where the stakes are not as high as the real deal.

Bentley Continental Pikes Peak GT3 steering wheel

The bespoke steering wheel is made from magnesium and carbon fiber with the grips being covered in alcantara to make it Pikes Peak GT3 worthy. Since it is a pure racing wheel, the removable lower section is designed in a way to make it easier to drive on the chicanes.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the luxury automaker will be racing up the sweeping mountains this weekend for the annual 12.42 mile climb with an aim to break the current record. 

Obviously, the wheel has Bentley’s influence with details like knurling on the rotary encoders, four magnetic paddles, aluminum thumb wheels with optical encoders and two 7-way FunkySwitch directional sticks with encoder functionality.

Real and virtual world glory

The funky steering wheel can be disconnected from the car’s steering assembly and reconnected to the force feedback racing simulator for top podium glory in the virtual world. For the ergonomic game setup the buttons of the wheel can be mapped for in-game telemetry and vital information.  

For now, there are scanty details about the availability or the price tag for keen buyers who want the real-life feel of driving the Bentley GT3 race car. Even when you’ll not be using it to play racing games, Bentley GT3 Steering Wheel is the shining piece of gadget in your living room.