Louis Vuitton x Maison TAMBOITE’s mind-numbing $28,900 bicycle

Louis Vuitton and the famous Paris-based artisanal bike maker Maison TAMBOITE have joined forces to craft a collection of bicycles that are not meant for the ordinary. That we say because one of them costs more than the desirable 2021 Ford Mustang sports car.

The bicycle defies reason for its mind-numbing price tag of $28,900 – since it is not made from any exclusive pricey material or employs any breakthrough automotive technology. But then it bears the LV logo, and that justifies it all, maybe!

Louis Vuitton Bike

The fashion-forward bicycle by the brand brings into play the knack of using leather craftsmanship by Maison in two models namely the Closed Frame with monogram perforations on a leather saddle, contrasting edge painting and a functional luggage rack.

The other one is the Step-Through having cranksets shaped like monogram flowers, front basket and a frame draped in Louis Vuitton branding. Both these attractive models will come in graphite, yellow, blue, red and brown colors to choose from. Each one of them has textile or canvas draped frame and silver color hardware.

French craftsmanship to the core

It would be appropriate to label these exclusive bicycles as a reflection of French craftsmanship and Parisian chic – Louis Vuitton has itself acknowledge this fact. Each one of them is meticulously crafted for passionate bicycle riders (both experienced and newbies) who like to explore the countryside.    

The bikes have the mandatory handlebars and cables (wrapped in leather) for the sprockets and disc brake operation. They come in two speed gear and the mudguards are crafted out of tinted wood to go with the frame and the tire rims.

Still we cannot gather out thoughts as to how these handcrafted wheeled commuters cost so much. If they would not bear the LV logo and the Maison TAMBOITE influence, would you still be willing to slash out such a huge sum for these designer bikes?