LRG FOR COCA-COLA Collection will go down as a memorable drop

It’s not always that a beverage company inspires an apparel collection – but if there is one company that ought to lead the race when it happens – it is Coca-Cola for sure.

That race may happen someday, but Coca-Cola is not waiting – the brand synonymous with the most wonderful time of the year in collaboration with the American streetwear brand Lifted Research Group, aka LRG, has inspired a collection called the LRG FOR COCA-COLA.

LRG FOR COCA-COLA collection

The LRG and Coca-Cola collaborative is a collection symbolic to the pop-culture and holiday season. It infuses the most iconic Coke branding comprising the beverage company’s classic red and happy polar bears that generally, at this time of the year, make people smile in over 200 countries where Coca-Cola is served.

The LRG FOR COCA-COLA collection comprises a windbreaker, a fleece, a hoodie, a jogger, and pair of red and black short sleeve t-shirts featuring happy bears with their glass bottles of Coke. The collection starts with a $30 polar bear tee and is topped by a panda windbreaker priced at $110.   

Branding and more

All the items in the LRG FOR COCA-COLA collection include a co-branded woven labels with internal collaboration branding. Coca-Cola’s signature ribbon and its polar bear graphic is very prominently displayed that fans are going to love.      

This collaborative collection pushes the bounds in both style and statement and will definitely go down as a memorable drop. The collection is immediately available and can be found, for a limited period, at select retailers and on If you think you’re a big coke fan – here’s your time to wear your fad.