Lumini PM smart mirror uses AI to provide personalized skin diagnosis

A spin-off of Samsung Electronics’ C-Lab, AI beauty start-up Lululab has been improving and introducing new facets to its skincare assistant Lumini over the years. A multiple CES innovation honoree, Lumini is back in a new avatar for the CES 2021.

Starting out as a beauty and lifestyle assistant offering skin-data based on interactive AI and data intelligence – the company is now introducing Lumini PM – the smart monitor hub – at the all-virtual tech event this year. This is a more personalized device based on Lululab’s tried and tested technology.

The Lumini PM

A smart mirror hub for households and their beauty conscious residents, the Lumini PM desires to connect users to the healthcare and beauty industry. For this, the mirror offers a personalized analysis of the skin on an accompanying mobile app using AI and deep-learning.

Like Lululab products in the previous years, the Lumini PM is also a CES 2021 innovation honoree. It functions as a skin assistant you can have at home for salon-style recommendations of “appropriate cosmetics, homecare devices, and healthcare products.”

The app and more

All the data acquired by the smart mirror hub is transferred to the mobile app for analysis of the skin and person’s lifestyle data. The data can be shared online to create an interactive community of users with similar skin characteristics and conditions. Company doesn’t detail the privacy measures in place to ensure personal data loss.

There is also no word on the official release date or pricing for the Lumini PM, which intends to be a one-stop platform to provide users with a personalized diagnosis. This could be a nifty option considering our trips down to the favorite salon and dermatologist have decreased considerably due to COVID-19.