Maldives launches world’s first country-wide loyalty program to boost tourism

Maldives is one the most popular tourist destinations but like every other country its tourism industry has taken a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. To remedy the situation, the country has launched a country-wide reward program that is created in response to the general lack of tourism the country has witnessed as a result of the pandemic.

The three-tiered loyalty program will offer luxury with the most exclusive privileges and unique benefits. It is the world’s first loyalty program for a country and could be a pivotal point for Maldives where tourism is one of the major industries.

Maldives Border Miles

Tourists can enroll as the member of the loyalty program – Maldives Border Miles, which will enable them to earn points for each border crossing into the country, with extra points to be rewarded for special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries or honeymoons. The three tiers of the program are named after labels used in ancient Maldives – Aida (Bronze Tier), Antara (Silver Tier) and Abaarana (Gold Tier).

Each tier includes certain rewards, services, and profits that will increase in value as members advance in the program. Akin to airline- and hotel-like system, these correspond to points – 500, 2000 and 4000, respectively; with various values for different activities – for instance, tourists will be rewarded with 50 points for border crossings, and 5 points per night spent on site.

Bonus points

Bonus points can be earned by the vacationers through specific tourist activities or when visiting for a special occasion like honeymoon or anniversary. Each year, the program will issue a calendar specifying certain dates that activate additional benefits. Special benefits will also be rewarded during immigration clearance and while procuring distinct services from Velana International Airport.

Moreover, extra points will be bestowed for trips scheduled around special dates in the country, including Eid holidays, as well as for going surfing, diving, island hopping, or partaking in several other watersports from the partners of Maldives Border Miles – tourist facilities and business entities offering services to travelers. Once the tourists reach the set amount of points after a trip, they will gain access to special privileges with incredible benefits.