Manny Khoshbin’s supercar garage has a futuristic tunnel

Iran born Manny Khoshbin has had a rollercoaster journey that kicked-off on the wrong note after his first job at K-Mart. Post his couple of failed investments he got a real estate license in 1992 and kick-started as a loan officer for a mortgage company.

Eventually, he realized his skill for selling properties, started his own venture in 2004, and has never looked back. Over the years Manny has accumulated tons of wealth, and it’s obvious, a chunk of it goes into owning the most exotic cars.

Sci-Fi garage for his prized possessions

Manny is a passionate car collector and likes to keep the rarest four wheels in his possession. His collection includes the Porsche Carrera GT, McLaren Senna, Bugatti Veyron x2, McLaren Mercedes SLR, Koenigsegg Agera RS, and countless others. His most prized possession is the one-off Hermes Bugatti Chiron that he never plans to trade for any sum of money.

Manny has recently got the most futuristic garage completed for keeping his supercars and it has a futuristic tunnel leading up to the main entrance. It took him almost six months to get the mancave completed, and the clean look inside the garage is proposed to have an array of 4K projectors beaming jaw-dropping videos on the walls.

Dynamic layout to accommodate more rare cars

There are two garage doors to get these cars out in the open roads and Manny plans to add another one since his collection is only going to increase in the future. This will prevent backing and forthing of cars in the garage as more cars means less movable space to maneuver them around.

Manny is a businessman so although he has more than six cars already lined up to add to the collection, he does sell some of his rare supercars for huge sums. Given the kind of individual he is, it is expected that the tunnel garage will have more alterations in the future and maybe a completely different layout to cater to his dynamic personality.