Radically designed Pocket Rocket e-bike now up for pre-order

Somewhere between a hardcore motorcycle and an electric bike – but not a moped though – the Pocket Rocket made ripples when it was initially revealed to the world. Created by Stuttgart-based SOL Motors, the electric two-wheeler is in a league of its own – presumably appealing to the young crowd in the urban space.

One thing is for sure though, the minimalistic aesthetics and that definitive futuristic vibe will appeal to many city riders. Now, after a lull of almost three years, the automaker is back with major development updates.

Pocket Rocket dual variants

The uniframe ride comes in two variants – the base Pocket Rocket and a speedy Pocket Pocket S – namely L1e and L3e respectively. Both of these are classified into separate motor vehicle groups having a varied set of licensing and drivable restrictions. One thing is common though, they ride on 16-inch wheels having dual rear coil-over shocks and a front telescopic fork for a smooth ride.

SOL Motors has added hydraulic disk brakes for reassuring stopping power, and to add to the mix, the Combined Braking System (CBS) brings that extra level of safety. Also, regenerative braking brings to the equation extra charging to the electric battery.

Power, speed and maneuverability for urban landscape

The base Pocket Rocket has a top speed of 32 mph and a range of around 50 miles on a single charge. On the other hand, the S model tops the speedometer at 50 miles and due to the powerful 4,000-W hub motor (compared to the 3,000-W on base model) has a range equivalent to that of the base model.

Both these versions have the same dry weight of 121 lb, making it quite light weighted. With this latest development, the other dimensions of the bike are also clear now. It measures 67.7-inches and has a ground clearance of 5.9-inches.

You can open the rear light to access the 2.5-kWh Li-ion battery inside the tube which charges in around 5 hours with any standard charger and in two hours with a fast charger.  

SOL Motors is taking pre-orders for riders in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Austria at a price tag of approximately $6,950 for the base model and about $8,110 for the S variant.