Marcante Testa adds color, shape to Ex.t washbasins, cabinets, and more

We are all for minimalist designs. Add some retro flavor and we are sold out for whatever product that will come our way. That is what this Marcante Testa and Ex.t collab delivers—a retro minimalist collection of bathroom products.

Looking at the photos alone makes us think of vintage, retro geometrical shapes from the ’60s. The Italian architecture studio Marcante Testa came up with these designs for Ex.T, a bathroom brand that sells bathroom products like consoles, bathtubs, washbasins, mirrors, storage units, seatings, lamps, tapware, and other accessories.

Stylish Minimalist Bathroom Design

Ex.T is known for its minimalist designs and the Frieze style is no different. The Frieze bathroom sink is joined by the Frieze mirror. They both look simple but the sink is more remarkable.

As described, this design has been inspired by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, a contemporary of Andy Warhol. His previous ‘entablatures’ was the inspiration for this sink. What the designers had in mind was that washbasin is the star element.

This Frieze washbasin and cabinet are perfect together. You can just choose the sink but for those who want storage, get the one with a cabinet.

Marcante Testa x Ex.t Beautiful Bathroom Collection

The Marcante Testa x Ex.t bathroom products are available in different colors. They are not too loud as they evoke true minimalism. Choose from white, blue, green, red, and cream shades. We particularly like the blue one as it gives a pop of color even when the design is very simple.

Marcante Testa honors Lichtenstein with this collection. The Italian brand gives life to Ex.t’s modular and versatile products that are very functional. Even the mirror, furniture, shelves, and hooks are well-designed here. The whole set shows what contemporary living is about.

There are three designs of washbasins available: Frieze One Low, Frieze One High, and Frieze Two Lined. Each one shows minimal aesthetics but still stylish and space-saving. The designers combined different colors, shapes, materials, and finishes to come up with unique combos of items that really stand out.