Marcato Atlas 150 is best way to make homemade pasta from scratch

Making pastas at home is better than ordering them every time you want to dig in. This may stand true for most but some (me included) would not be in tune because homemade pasta is not worth the effort if you cannot make it well.

But if you’re into homemade pasta and like making it from scratch – invest in a pasta maker –  instead of putting your craft in limitation using knife, fork and a rolling pin. The idea of investing in a good pasta maker gives you the option to craft different finishes that suits your style – one very popular homemade pasta machines is the Marcato Atlas 150 that won’t disappoint you.

Classic hand-crank machine

With over ten thousand positive reviews on Amazon, this manually operated Marcato Atlas 150 pasta machine has adjustable thickness settings and sharp blades that make it one of the finest options in its class. It comes with stainless steel cutters for fettuccine, tagliolini, and lasagna.

The Atlas 150 features a dual-sided attachment for fettuccine, which can also be used to make the more regular spaghetti. You can also get attachments for ravioli, vermicelli, and up to 10 other pasta shapes. Though operating the machine by hand is fun and more streamlined, you also get a motor attachment with and any of the 12 pasta cutting accessories.

Usage and pricing

An overwhelming number of reviewers have found the pasta maker to be sturdy and easy to set up and use. It has also been applauded for the convenience with which the dough can be rolled through the maker – in shape and length of noodles you desire – using the adjustable dial.   

Interestingly, the Marcato Atlas 150 comes in chrome-plated and nickel-plated steel finishes with five color options to choose from. It is available on Amazon for a discount.

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