Marvis Toothpaste is a luxury personal product

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On our list right now is this luxury toothpaste that will make you no longer want any other toothpaste in the world. The Marvis Classic Strong is a popular variant and a favorite of many people. If you’ve tried any product from Marvis, you’d be happy to know it’s offering a special bundle of some its more famous flavored toothpaste.

Luxury Toothpaste with a Hint of Apothecary

Check out the MARVIS Cinnamon Mint, Jasmin Mint, and Ginger Mint Toothpaste. A pack of three 75ml tubes of these flavors is available for only $25 (£19). That’s affordable for something that is known as a “luxury” product.

It’s not like any ordinary toothpaste. But the Marvis’ Italian toothpaste, like any other similar product, removes plaque and buildup. It also prevents tooth decay. Making it different is the unique flavors. Usually, most toothpaste products sold are minty with the same taste. The Marvis toothpaste offers different flavors from sweet to savory to spicy. There’s the floral Jasmin, fresh Cinnamon, and warm Ginger Mint.

Not Your Regular Minty ToothPaste

They’re all minty with a different kick we’re afraid you may be tempted to eat them. But then again, it’s really just a toothpaste with a twist.

You can buy individual flavors in individual packaging on Marvis’ official website. Upon checking, there are other variants available from Classic Strong to Whitening to Aquatic and other flavors like Amarelli Licorice apart from the three we mentioned already.

Apart from luxury toothpaste, the Italian brand also sells Marvis Mouthwash (a strong mint concentrated mouthwash) and a set of three Marvis toothbrushes that is a bit more expensive at $26 (£20.00). Marvis also offers limited edition packs of toothpaste known as ‘Wonders of the World’.