Mastercard designs face mask with interactive, sound-activated LEDs

Mastercard in partnership with CuteCircuit has designed a limited edition audio connected face mask that blinks light to a musical beat in real time. Struggling for a safe moment amid coronavirus pandemic for over a year now, we see face masks becoming part of our daily attire. The creators believe this new masks will connect people to music and each other.

People with an active lifestyle like to make a statement with what they choose to wear, an average matching mask may not be exciting enough anymore. They would want a mask that reflects their individuality and sets them apart in the crowd. This tech-infused face mask will surely be a trendsetter for this group.

Face mask with built-in tech

The front section of this stylish face mask is paired with series of LEDs that react to the sound of music or, for that matter, any ambient sound in the surroundings to create a light show. The mask is splashproof but not entirely waterproof and remains non-washable; you may have to clean it using disinfectant spray or anti-viral wipes.

“The mask is a simple face covering made with sportswear moisture wicking fabric and silver-coated lycra, which is an antibacterial fabric for general use” – states the creator. It comes with chargeable brain module, having a one-button interface to turn on and react to sounds by illuminating the built-in LEDs. The module is rechargeable via Micro-USB and is powered by 250mAh battery having a built-in circuit protection for overcharge and over discharge.

The idea and research

The idea of incorporating such tech into the face mask came into development post an online research commissioned by Mastercard. With a sample size of 2065 UK adults using a face mask in routine, it was found that “38-percent are ready to transform the traditional mask through the addition of new technology.”

The advancements that they would like to see include see-through mask for the hard of hearing and some sort of color coding to indicate when the mask needs replacement. This audio interactive face mask from Mastercard may do little in this regard, but in what it does, it’s pretty chic. The mask will add excitement to the lives of many people in these testing times starting May 20.