McDonald’s Korea launches limited edition Big Mac-inspired lunchbox

Celebrating its iconic Big Mac, McDonald’s Korea has created a special burger-shaped lunchbox. The lunchbox modeled after the delectable multilayered burger is a treat for the Big Mac fans.

The lunchbox that mimics the double-patty burger has two circular tiers locking together. This big mac-shaped lunchbox is a limited edition entity and has the recipe of selling out instantly.

Carry food in your burger

The lunchbox designed after McDonald’s world-renowned burger matches the latter inch by inch. It contains splashes of green, beige, yellow and brown to mark the light brown base; the lunchbox devotedly rebuilds the side view of bun, patties, lettuce, cheese and Big Mac sauce.

The Big Mac Lunchbox is secured with a top lid marked by hits that imitate the sesame seed-covered bun top. It has two handles for the convenience of carrying around.


Not many of us are venturing out of our homes in the pandemic, so a lunchbox is not a utility when your workstation is only a hop away from the kitchen. When offices resume and life sort of treads back to the saner lane, you can carry this bad boy in your bag and flaunt on your desk to leave colleagues drooling over the Big Mac.

Priced at ₩7,500 KRW (approximately $7), this lunchbox is only available at McDonald’s locations in South Korea for those who buy the Big Mac or Big Mac Bacon sets.