Mcdonald’s Quarter Pounder Burger Scented Candles are real

I’m not kidding when I say I just ordered food from McDonald’s. Any minute now my favorite French fries and Quarter Pounder plus fried chicken will arrive. I know the burger alone is 500 calories but hey, it’s the weekend. At least once a week, you and me, we deserve some cheat meal.

I’m certain that like me, you wish to eat burgers and fries as frequently as we want. We know it’s not possible. It’s not healthy. Sure, those kinds of food will make you full, satisfied, and happy but they don’t offer much nutrition.

But you know, there is a simple and maybe more healthful solution. Scented candles. Again, this is no joke. McDonald’s has introduced a line of Quarter Pounder Fan Club items. We’re not talking about T-shirts or jackets here, just candles that will remind you of a dine-in experience at your favorite food chain.

Burn Burger Burn

You can now smell your favorite McDonald’s burger every day. It’s good to be reminded of it especially when you know you can’t always eat it. But then again, it might be a real challenge because aside from the burger, other related scents are available from the 100% Fresh Beef to Pickle, Ketchup, Sesame Seed Bun, Onion, and Cheese.

The Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack consists of those six scents. Those six scents will replicate the Quarter Pounder burger. McDonald’s says it’s better to “burn together for maximum deliciousness”.

To Extreme Quarter Pounder Fandom

More Quarter Pounder Fan Club items are available: Quarter Pounder Fan Club T-Shirt, 2020 Quarter Pounder Calendar, Quarter Pounder with Love Locket, Couples Quarter Pounder Mittens, Quarter Pounder Fan Club Pin, and an “I’d Rather Be Eating a Quarter Pounder” Sticker. Everything is all about the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.

We just don’t like the fact there is no McDo Fries scent although we dig that World Famous Fries Lounge Set. Now that would be the best scent of all, at least, for me.

More McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Fan Club Merch will be introduced in the coming weeks. Check out Golden Arches Unlimited for more items.

McDonald’s will also be honoring a city for being real fans of the Quarter Pounder. A special monument will be unveiled but we don’t know what city will that be exactly.