Men’s sweatpants for relaxed and comfortable fit

Since the pandemic has paralyzed the world, we are confined to our homes in our sweatpants. These have become a staple for a brisk walk to the market or as relaxed wear at home. Some of us have arguably paired them with shirts for a zoom call.

Now that our dependence on sweatpants has increased more than ever, it is only fitting to know about the best pair of sweatpants to carry on the casual style. Here we have shortlisted five sweatpants that you can wear to the office, at home and even to the supermarket.   

Puma Men’s Sweatpants

Comfort, style and brand collaboration are the epitome of these super sassy sweatpants by Puma. Made up of poly-cotton, the sweatpants are available in medium gray heather cat color. Whether playing football in your backyard or going out for a run, these will keep you sporty all the time.

Adidas Men’s Tiro 21 Sweatpants

The three stripes have created a name for itself in the clothing accessory and it never fails to amaze us. Adidas Men’s Tiro 21 Sweatpants are made of polyester and cotton; moreover, have some recycled content in a bid to end plastic waste. Side zip pockets provide a decent place to keep your phone. The narrow bottom adds to the beauty of the track pant, which is available in navy blue, gray four melange and black color.

Hanes Men’s Jogger Sweatpant

Made up of recycled plastic bottles these sweatpants are an absolute beast. A perfect track bottom in charcoal heather, waistband with adjustable outside drawcord and a handy size pocket is what makes up the Hanes jogger. It not only looks stylish but is comfortable as well.

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Eversoft Fleece Sweatpants

Available in an array of colors, this pair of sweatpants will always keep you on your toes. The item is double-needle stitched on the hems and very comfy. Relaxed banded bottom with deep pockets is icing on the cake and makes it an instant crowd favorite. It may give you a street hotshot look instantly.

Zentrex Open Bottom Men’s Sweatpants

Zentrex Open Bottom is perfectly suited for jogging, cycling and training. Mesh fabric is used to make this pair of sweatpants which keeps you fresh and looking cool all the time. The elastic waistline of the sweatpants is available in different color and the bottom comes in another color. In addition, the sweatpants come with zipper pockets which make it easy to carry your phone or wallet along.

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