Mercer sneakers made from Alcantara – suede-like vegan material used in Ferrari, Porsche interiors

Premium automobile luxury now walks the streets with Mercer Amsterdam’s sneakers made using suede-like vegan material called Alcantara. The high-end cars like Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini use Alcantara, the vegan synthetic material to craft their interiors.

This vegan and sustainable substitute to suede has been used to craft Mercer’s new Racer Lux Alcantara silhouette. Made by Mercer in collaboration with Alcantara, the Racer Lux by its material property, is more stain-resistant, lightweight, and durable than natural suede pairs.

First-ever sneaker made from Alcantara

Over the years, Mercer Amsterdam has achieved success in their gamut of sneakers made from sustainable materials – yet the launch of these sneakers – the first pair made using Alcantara stands out in its collection.

In addition to the choice of material, Mercer has also selected the style of the shoes very meticulously. Drawing inspiration from retro sneakers, the luxury Alcantara upper is matched with 100-percent breathable microfiber lining that is “capable of absorbing 8 times its own weight in water.”

It’s all in the color

Racer Lux Alcantara is available in three colorways; Pearl Grey – white and grey; Shadow Black – black and white; and Midnight Black – Black throughout. The combination of luxury and style on the upper is well complemented by the Vibram mid and outsole.

This is a trusted in-house sole material that makes the shoe “extremely plush ride every step of the way.” Mercer Racer Lux with “Alcantara” labeling on the heel counter is available for €250 ($300).