Microsoft announces Ocean Plastic Mouse: Average peripheral with green heart

After Coca-Cola and Nike now Microsoft is making a big bold stride in its effort to eventually achieve zero waste production and single-use plastic-free packaging in the next few years.

To that accord, the technology company has introduced the Ocean Plastic Mouse, which as the same suggests is an outcome of significant recycling and vision of sustainability.

The Ocean Plastic Mouse

The new mouse from Microsoft, announced at the marque’s annual Surface event, features a shell made from 20-percent recycled ocean plastic. The mouse doesn’t boast remarkable change in DPI or scroll functionality, it however has a scroll wheel and sensors that are pretty similar to the other Bluetooth Microsoft mice on the market.

The Ocean Plastic Mouse is a simple wireless mouse to start with but in the hand it is a part of history. It’s Microsoft’s first peripheral to land with a body made of recycled plastic collected from various waterbodies. Adding to its consciousness, the mouse comes in packaging that is 100 percent recyclable.

The construction and more

In the process of material development to construct an Ocean Plastic Mouse, the plastic waste collected from the waterbodies is cleaned and then processed into recyclable resin pellets. The recycled plastic resin pellets are eventually mixed with other materials to construct the shell of this green mouse from Microsoft.

As mentioned previously, the box wherein the Ocean Plastic Mouse is packaged is 100-percent paper-pulp packaging. To make this possible, the packaging is made from recyclable wood and sugarcane fibers.

The mouse is expected to run on AA batteries for up to 12 months in one go (this would be subject to individual’s usage of course). According to Microsoft, a free mail-in program is underway, wherein people from select markets can send their old mouse for recycling.

If you’re interested, the Ocean Plastic Mouse is available for preorder and will go on sale starting October 5. You can grab one for $25.