Microsoft Surface Event: here are all the delicious new gadgets

Microsoft put on quite a show at the Surface event in New York City. It was a mix of the present and the future along with some unexpected yet titillating reveals. In order to make it easier for you to see all the latest Microsoft hardware, we gathered all the delicious new gadgets Microsoft had in store at the recently concluded Surface Event. We also included all the video reveals for each device.

Microsoft Surface Neo

Let’s start with the upcoming Surface Neo. It’s essentially a foldable 13-inch tablet running Windows 10X. Unfortunately, the Surface Neo (along with the smaller Surface Duo shown below) is still in the prototype stage. Microsoft said both Surface tablets won’t be entering the market until the holidays of 2020.

The Microsoft Surface Neo consists of two screens conjoined by a 360-degree hinge. It comes with a detachable magnetic Surface pen and keyboard. The latter can flip out of the way if you only wish to use the screens. But when the keyboard flaps into place, it covers two-thirds of the touchscreen, with the remaining space dedicated to what Microsoft calls the ‘Wonder Bar’, pretty similar to what you see in Apple’s Touch Bar.

Microsoft Surface Duo

If the Surface Neo is a foldable tablet, the smaller Surface Duo is a foldable phone. But unlike the Neo running Windows 10X, Surface Duo is powered by the latest version of Android OS. So, yes, it’s a foldable Android phone with two 5.6-inch touchscreen displays in a clamshell form factor.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is unique, and it offers a fresh approach to foldable displays. And since it’s essentially an Android smartphone, you can make calls with it along with sending text messages as well. It also happens to be larger than the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, and it functions similarly to the larger Surface Neo.

Sadly, the Surface Duo is still a prototype at this point and will most likely hit the market at the same time as the Surface Duo.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

If you think the Surface Pro 7 is lacking in some areas, the new Surface Pro X will more than fill the gaps. First off, the included Surface pen now rests neatly above the keyboard. It’s the thinnest ever Surface Pro and is only 5.33 mm at the thinnest point. It also packs USB-C and 4K video ports along with a new fast-charging system.

What’s more, the Surface Pro X also comes with LTE connectivity. The new Microsoft SQ1 processor is powerful enough to run a 9 Teraops AI engine and over 2 teraflops of graphics performance. If you like what you’re seeing so far, the new Microsoft Surface Pro X will hit the market on November 5 this year with prices starting at $999.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Now this comes as a surprise. We were half-expecting Microsoft to blow us away with new hardware, but we never expected wireless earbuds that integrate with MS Office apps like Word and Powerpoint. But as it turns out, Microsoft thought long and hard on what a nice set of earbuds should look like, and their solution comes in the form of the Surface Earbuds.

Based on our initial impressions, the Surface Earbuds are larger than Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. It comes with touch gesture and voice controls and provides all day listening comfort, according to Microsoft. The earbuds are designed to pair easily with your devices and comes with the requisite charging case. Prices start at $249.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

At first glance, the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 looks exactly like its predecessor. The real changes are found underneath. Naturally, the Surface Pro 7 is packing more processing power courtesy of the latest Intel and AMD chipsets.

The new Surface Pro 7 still has high-speed USB-C connections, a 12.3-inch PixelSense display, and 10th-gen Intel Quad Core processor with over double the graphics performance. The Surface Pro 7 arrives on October 22 with a base price of $749.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Last but not least is the new Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. For those who still prefer the look and feel of a conventional laptop, the new Surface Laptop 3 will satisfy your whims. For the first time ever, Microsoft is offering the Surface Laptop 3 with a larger 15-inch display.

The Surface Laptop 3 is powered by a 10th-gen Intel Quad-Core processor and AMD Ryzen graphics, the latter of which is co-engineered with Microsoft. And according to the tech giant, the latest Surface Pro 3 is the lightest and highest-performing 15-inch laptop in the market. In fact, Microsoft said it’s three times faster than Apple’s MacBook Air!

With the latest fast-charging technology, the Surface Laptop 3 can fulfill an 80-percent charge in under an hour. It’s available for pre-ordering starting October 22 with prices starting at $999 for the 13-inch model and $1,199 for 15-inch variants.