Mighty Duo B is 3D Printed Accessory Dwelling Unit in San Diego

Newly launched company, Mighty Buildings has completed a new 3D-printed Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in San Diego, California. Mighty Buildings’ first project is called Mighty Duo B and it comprises two modular units that took eight weeks from manufacture to assembly on site.

Mighty Duo B – 700 square feet prefabricated home is installed without dealing with the hassle of on-site construction, permitting or design.

Mighty Duo B

The Light Stone material is used to print the building shell, which is four time lighter than concrete and is claimed to be water, fire, and thermal resistant by Mighty Buildings. The Light Stone is a thermostat composite material, which hardens when exposed to UV light. The opposite façade of each unit is made of glass, allowing plenty of natural light to filter inside the unit.

The interiors are filled with cost-effective and user-centered design details, including non-VOC paint, modern fixtures, and high efficacy spotlights. Energy-efficient bathroom/kitchen appliances and HVAC system are also included.

The 3D printed ADU

Mighty Buildings had recently launched a project with the aim of using 3D printing and robotic automation to create affordable and sustainable housing units. The goal behind this unique building technique was to relieve the lumber and labor shortages. With this process, a 3D-printed house can be built with 95 percent fewer labor hours at twice the speed of the traditional construction methods.

This Y Combinator-backed startup builds prefab homes with Big-G Printer, a 20 ft. tall 3D printer, which can print a 350 square feet studio well within 24 hours at speeds of 120 millimeters per second. Currently, Mighty Buildings is offering six customizable ADU models, ranging from 350 square feet studios (starting at $115,000) to three-bedroom, two-bath homes (ranging up to $285,000).