Ming 27.02 watch with gradient blue guilloché sapphire dial

Ming Watches started out as a sub $1,000 brand with the launch of limited edition 17.01 in 2017. Since then the Malaysian watchmaker with Swiss innards has come a very long way, foraying into the luxury side of things with the 27.01 watch unveiled last year.

Following the success of the 27.01, the company is now experimenting with a new dial and some exclusivity in offering limited edition collection of its new 27.02 watch in batches, so more people can have their hands on a Ming. The watch first went on sale in November and its second batch was re-launched on January 15.  

The new blue approach

A novel follow-up of the 27.01, the new release titled 27.02 features the same 38mm stainless steel case and movement of its predecessor. The major difference lies in the dial – the elaborate gradient sapphire dial can be found over a blue clous-de-Paris guilloché ring on the periphery of the movement. 

Interestingly, the 27.02 dress watch maintains the 6.9mm thickness and has a similar lug design carried in the 27.01. The blue dial is accentuated by the laser-etched white makers and similar colored hour and minute hands.

Movement and more

The new 27.02 is like the previous model powered by the ETA Peseux caliber 7001 movement. It offers 42 hours of power reserve, while its bridges and plates have been heavily reworked by Ming and its partners at Schwarz-Etienne – the movement is visible through the caseback.  

Water-resistant up to 50m, the gradient guilloché sapphire dialed 27.02 watch is limited to 200 pieces, which as said, will be delivered in batches at defined dates. The watch is paired to a calf blue-grey leather strap with ‘flying blade’ stainless steel buckle. It comes packed in a handmade leather travel pouch and is priced at CHF 4,950 (approx. $7250).