Minicorda: Scaled-down acoustic-style travel guitar fits in the suitcase

Two guitarist friends, Augusto Filocamo and Diego Spina, with the intention to create an acoustic-style guitar that is easy to carry, but doesn’t compromise on the sound, have come up with the Minicorda. This is the finest travel guitar you will come by.

Minicorda is small enough to throw in the backpack or suitcase – yes it’s 19-inches in total – but has the ability to deliver sound of a full-bodied acoustic guitar. This mini nylon-string travel guitar is created on a hollow-neck system that makes the 19-inch instrument resonate like the larger guitar.

Playable and portable

Guitarists who travel a lot would understand the inconvenience of carrying an acoustic guitar. Some guitar-lovers don’t mind the space it occupies in public transport but if you’re someone who does, a trade-off with an ultra-portable guitar that’s almost equally nice to play is possible with the Minicorda.

Of course, scaled-down and foldable versions of a guitar have hit the market, but there is still space for a very portable option that also scales down the space occupied by the equipment. Guitarists will definitely find themselves turning in the direction of the Minicorda for convenience and uncompromised playability.

The making and more

This one-piece guitar, designed primarily to be played right out of the suitcase, was 3D printed by Filocamo and Spina after going back and forth over 25 prototypes. Interestingly, both the guitar-lovers, according to Music Radar live some 600 miles apart and collaborated on the Minicorda remotely.

Eventually, the duo made the 19-inch neck (that sounds like a full-fledged guitar) based on “the principles of acoustic guitar resonance.” The Minicorda has been created using high-quality polymer over solid aluminum frame, which helps produce great acoustic performance. 

An acoustic guitar-lover will find the Minicorda peculiar at first for it has no body, the entire thing is just the neck, but when it plays, the $270 musical instrument should sound worth all the money. And when done, throw it into the backpack and get going!