MNML Golf launches MV2 golf bag with onboard solar battery and Bluetooth speaker

Some golf bags are fashionable, some are lightweight, and then there are high-tech bags. A blend of all three definitely makes for a bag that tops the list of each player. This is where MNML Golf’s MV2 golf bag comes in. It is the epitome of fashionable and high-tech bags a golfer can latch onto.

It is for all modern, tech-savvy golfers who want more than just a fashionable bag to carry their clubs. The MV2 golf bag features solar-powered battery (you can use to charge your phone), an integrated waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and magnetic pockets for easy access to things in them.

The vivid features

Considering the mentioned features and more we are going to discuss in the article, the MV2 is easily the coolest and most innovative golf bags out there. Weighing 5lbs, the bag allows you to keep your phone charged during your rounds using its solar-powered battery onboard.

And when you’re hopping between holes, or need some pep up at tee-off, you can pair your smartphone to the built-in Bluetooth speaker and the bag will play your tunes for up to 8 hours on the trot. More than exciting for players who want to record their play is a filming pocket in the MV2, which can hold any size phone to record your swing, so you can later share it on Instagram or sit back and evaluate your shot.

There’s more

The lightweight MV2 golf bag can carry for 9, 18, or 36 holes game effortlessly, while keeping the player entertained and recording their experience. Additionally, the bag has a 4-way divider, backpack straps and comes with magnetic pockets. There’s also a thermal pocket for keeping your beverage at the temperature you like.

MNML Golf is offering the MV2 bag in two – black and white – colors for $250. Environmentally conscious golfers can avail the company’s Trade it Forward program, wherein they can purchase the new bag and send a working old bag (for $50 discount) to the company for it to be reused by some junior golfer.