Moisture-resistant socks developed using the ancient Japanese technique

Wet socks can be ones worst nightmare; they are hard to walk in and are a breeding ground for bacteria and odor. This results in chance of slip-ups and also causes the dreaded odor, especially in summers.

Talk of the humid monsoons, and the situation seems worse. So wouldn’t it be a boon to have a pair of socks that is least susceptible to developing moisture and is comfortable to wear at all times?

Socks made using age old Japanese solution

Meet the Goldwin Paper Fiber Arch Support Pile Socksthat draw inspiration from the centuries old Japanese technique used to control humidity inside the homes at peak wet season. Yes, you guessed it right – the socks are crafted from Paper Fiber.

Goldwin, made smart use of the proven technique, lining the socks’ material with the magic material. This results in far less moisture developing inside them, even on the most humid days of the summer.

Durable, comfy and lends lateral arch support  

The socks are as durable as you can ask for – having been made by knitting the paper-nylon thread. This gives them five times more durability when tested for running, as compared to regular sports socks.

Dryness is a huge advantage with the Goldwin Paper Fiber Arch Support Pile Socks and they are ideal to be worn for arduous journeys or peak sporting activities. On top of it all, the socks provide support for the three arches of the foot. They also absorb impact during workouts, thanks to the custom yarn structure, which is a great bonus.

The pair of these socks in sober color options are great for any occasion, and make you comfortable all day long. For a price tag of just $23, they are a steal if you ask me – simply because they bring comfort, durability and lateral support for the feet!