Monopoly: “Schitt’s Creek” Edition is real, you can buy it now

“Schitt’s Creek” is arguably the best comedy series in recent memory and Monopoly the all-time favorite board game. Collaboration of two is bound to send fans into a frenzy.

This is now happening as Monopoly fans, who also appreciate the antics of the comedy conjured up by son and father duo of Dan and Eugene Levy, have a chance to connect back with the characters and places through the iconic board game.

The gameplay

Last week, Schitt’s Creek through its Instagram page announced that Monopoly has released an edition of the board game honoring the show branded with its characters. If you always wanted to be part of the Rose family’s hilarious journey through the remote town they once bought as a joke, this may be the closest deal.

Schitt’s Creek edition Monopoly lets you make your way up with friends and family buying and selling the popular locations in the Emmy Award-winning comedy series. Players can own the iconic Rosebud Motel, Herb Ertlinger Winery, Bob’s Garage and more.

Further details and availability

Through the pictures shared on Instagram to introduce the Monopoly edition, it’s evident that players can buy Moira Rose’s wigs, oval-glasses of David, or rent Roland’s Truck amid a host of other things through the game, in their bid to come out as the richest residents of Schitt’s Creek.

For those who are already interested, the Schitt’s Creek edition of Monopoly is available for $39.99. That’s not much to have a “virtual Monopoly on this town.”