Moschino’s Double Bubble sneakers look as if they were made from bubble wrap

Do you anxiously wait to open the new package delivered at home, so you can pop the bubble wrap in full enthusiasm? If yes, here is a pair of sneakers from Moschino’s that has a textured shell that looks like bubble wrap and is intentionally made for bubbleheads like you.

Sadly, the Double Bubble sneaker’s shell appears as bubble wrap but it is not poppable. In fact, this textured plastic shell only mimics the evenly spaced and protruding air-filled hemispheres that are used to provide cushioning to fragile items.

Double Bubble

The sneakers look exactly like bubble wrap on the first glance and will at first compel any one to try and pop one. These fun pair of shoes, if you thought were made for kids, you’re mistaken; the shoes are available in black and white hues and are available in both men and women sizes.

The bubble sneakers feature upper made from fabric comprising pluriball effect (technical term for bubble wrap). Made in Italy, the pair has maxi transparent bubble with a logo on the back and a logo on the tab. The laces are finished with rubber ends featuring the logo.

Availability and more

The shoe is fondly called Teddy Bubble sneakers, which is because of Mochino’s Teddy Bear shaped sole, which is made from 100-percent rubber outsole. The sneaker has memory foam insole for comfort, cushioning and adaptability.

Moschino’s Double Bubble sneaker is priced at $585. It is available now for purchase through Moschino’s online store.