Most expensive Christmas sweater studded with diamonds, woven in gold thread for sale

The ugly Christmas sweaters are ubiquitous as the Christmas trees and decoration lights. The craze is going to reach a new high when the world’s most expensive Christmas jumper finds a taker.

Handmade over six months, this most expensive UCS is painstakingly put together by London-based artist Aidan Liban. The 33-year-old who works as a celebrity stylist was struck with the idea of bedecking a special Christmas sweater with diamonds, gold, and Swarovski crystals during the lockdown.

The luxury garment

Presenting a luxurious take on the ugly Christmas jumper tradition, Liban has priced this sweater encrusted with diamonds and Swarovski crystals at £30,000 (roughly $40,000). Through the sale of the luxury garment, the artist intends to regain his spendings and hopes to donate some of the portion of the cash for charity.

According to the listing on the artist’s website,, the sweater is made from Italian silk and is encrusted with more than 150 diamonds, over 2,000 Swarovski crystals, and is woven with 24k gold thread especially shipped from France.

The reindeer look

The main attraction of the most expensive Christmas jumper is the reindeer with a red Santa hat, which is covered in its entirety with Swarovski crystals of various sizes. The reindeer is wearing a scarf with gold pendant that represents a bell.

Talking about this uniquely crafted Christmas jumper, the artist says, ‘I had a vision and I made it come true.’ The idea, he says, was to ‘create something magnificent and eye-catching,’ and considering the blinged claim, there is no doubt his creation is done well!