Mr. Colorful exhibits brilliance to create most spectacular cabin on a biz-jet

World-renowned contemporary artist Cyril Kongo in collaboration with Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) has designed the most spectacular and colorful cabins that would make other business jets red in envy.

The special cabin of the ACJ TwoTwenty by Cyril Kongo aka – in the artist circles – Mr. Colorful, is a wonderful piece of art. The artist has colloquially transformed the extra spacious business jet cabin into a flying art gallery of sorts that looks unlike anything attempted before.

The signature style

The ACJ cabin has been idolized in Kongo’s signature style which is highly influenced by spray painting letters and graffiti. The cabin is envisioned by the ACJ design team to provide utmost comfort in the colorful ambiance that transports the occupants into a new realm of awe and satisfaction.

The main lounge area of the ACJ cabin will be hand-painted by Kongo and has been neatly laid out in texture and fabrics to exude luxury and sophistication esque an exquisite art gallery.

The spacious luxury

To achieve the brilliance, Cyril and ACJ have thrived on the spacious floor area of the ACJ220, which spans 785 square feet and can accommodate 19 passengers in six zones in the area. The cabin is meticulously curated to allow passengers onboard to enjoy the brilliant color display. 

The ACJ220 aircraft launched in 2020 boast 5,650 nautical miles range and has already earned orders for six jets. The first of these business aircrafts is expected to take to the skies in 2023 and you can expect to be shelling your dosh for the colorful mystic when that happens.