Must-have accessories to get more out of your phone

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily chores and they have simplified things considerably. While apps let you do more with your phone’s hardware, there are accessories which extend the hardware capabilities to get more out of your device.

Here we have five smartphone accessories that make your phone even smarter for your convenience.

Mobile phone holder

We consume so much content on our phones and need the gadget for virtually everything in our life – therefore, a versatile phone holder is something we can’t deny. This rotating phone holder is a stand and holder for your phone which can be used in a multitude of situations. While watching videos in your bed, working on your kitchen or while using navigation apps in your car. The accessory is very useful as it frees your hands for comfort and convenience. Buy for $22

Phone screen magnifier

Watching content on the screen of your phone for a long duration can strain your eyes. So, how about having a phone magnifier screen that increases the size of the viewable area? This screen magnifier with a foldable stand virtually doubles the screen size when viewing HD content without any loss in quality. The accessory has height-adjustable design and when not in use it folds up to fit in your bag. Buy for $15.45.

Phone tripod

We use our phones for photography and pairing them to a tripod means better clicks. This phone tripod has 360 degrees rotatable mount and maneuverable legs which can be wrapped around objects. It also comes with a wireless remote which can be aired with the phone to click pictures remotely. Buy for $16.99.

Pro lens kit

Talking about pro photography with your phone, an accessory that enhances the capability of the phone’s camera is a must-have for all photography addicts. Xenovo Pro Lens Kit works with most of the single and dual camera lens phone and it comes with a wide-angle lens and macro shooter. You can clip on the lenses on top of your phone’s camera and shoot incredible pictures anytime with this accessory. Buy for $39.99.

Phone sanitizer

Owing to the current pandemic we are more aware of personal hygiene than ever. The phone’s being an inseparable part of our life and the fact that they garner more pathogens than your toilet seat, need prompt cleaning. The UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer keeps your phone sanitized in under a minute and is ultra-portable to keep in your bag. The accessory can be charged with your USB-powered gadgets like laptop or phone charger. Buy for $69.99.