Naim Audio Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation: still the benchmark for wireless compact speakers

Following the release of Naim Audio’s second-gen Mu-so a couple of months back, the British hi-fi specialist is proud to introduce the 2nd generation Mu-so Qb. The new Mu-so Qb wireless speaker benefits from a host of hardware and software upgrades to deliver a more immersive and user-friendly audio listening and streaming experience.

The 2nd gen Mu-so Qb packs quite a punch

Based on looks alone, the new Mu-so Qb has virtually the same dimensions as the first-gen Qb released in 2016. In fact, the new model has the same five driver set-up that makes it one of the punchiest wireless compact speakers in the market today. Each speaker is obsessively angled and arranged to create the perfect left-right

The second-gen version has the same five drivers that make this humble cube a musical powerhouse. However, Naim says the second-gen Mu-so Qb is equipped with all-new speaker drivers that were optimized in conjunction with Focal to deliver superior audio performance. “The launch of Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation brings Naim’s Award-winning music-streaming platform to more people – and rooms – than ever before,” says Charlie Henderson, Naim Audio MD.

But similar to the first-gen model, all five speakers in the new Mu-so Qb are still driven by dedicated amplifiers for a total output of 300W. Now, that’s a lot of punch for a compact wireless speaker.

It also has more brainpower

After installing a new set of speaker drivers, Naim did the next best thing: upgrade the DSP or Digital Signal Processor, which happens to be the brain of the entire operation. Naim says the new multicore DSP chip has 10 times extra processing power to deliver greater musical accuracy.

What Naim’s really trying to say here is crystal-clear and faithful sound reproduction in high-resolution quality. The new brain offers 13 times the performance of the single-core processor in the first-gen Qb. With that being said, the new Mu-so Qb can handle audio files up to 32bit/384kHz.

User-Friendly Features

The Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation is equipped with an illuminated volume dial, a full control array, and a useful proximity sensor. It allows the controls to light up automatically when it senses your hand near the dial. The new tactile interface offers intuitive controls for playback, radio stations, music playlists, or even your Spotify resume.

And for good measure, the new Mu-so Qb is easily controllable using the updated Naim app or via the included remote control. In terms of connectivity, the new Mu-so Qb supports music playback from USB drives, a 3.5mm analog plug, and an Optical Digital port. Of course, Bluetooth connectivity is standard as well.

It looks the business

The Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation has a burnished gray aluminum chassis and upgraded speaker grille design. The latter still comes in the familiar black motif but Naim is offering replacement grilles in Olive, Peacock, and Terracotta colorways.

At the back, you still get the unique heat-sink design along with the input ports at the bottom. Naim retained the glass-polymer clear base with an illuminated Naim logo for a more premium vibe.

Multiroom Pairing

The second-gen Mu-so Qb can easily join a multiroom setup and pair with other Naim networked products including the first-generation models of the Mu-so and Mu-so Qb. While the Qb itself is loud and powerful enough to fill an entire room with studio-quality music, it pairs easily with your other Naim home speakers using the Naim app. “It’s size-defying power and performance make it a superb option on its own, but it’s also perfect as part of a multiroom system – ideal for smaller spaces where the bigger Mu-so, which is increasingly finding a home under the TV as a soundbar as well as a music system, may not fit,” continues Henderson.

You can also multiroom the new Mu-so Qb with compatible AirPlay2 wireless speakers using the Apple Home app. The final option is pairing with Chromecast devices via groups controlled by the Google Home app.

Naim Audio is no stranger in the hi-fi business. The company has partnered with British luxury carmaker Bentley and Princess Yachts in creating class-leading audio systems for both automobiles and luxury yachts. The Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation remains the benchmark for wireless compact speakers. Audiophiles should definitely take notice.