Nat-2 Sleek Low sneaker is made from recycled bubble wrap, is completely vegan

Innovative material made from single use plastic – such as recycled bubble wrap – is going to take on the fashion industry every soon. The early strides have already begun and it is seen treading into the footwear industry as well.

Enter nat-2 Sleek Low bubble wrap show which is an outcome of a collaborative effort between German sneaker marque nat-2 and Israeli material innovator Remeant. The completely vegan sneaker is, as the name suggests, made from recycled bubble wrap.

The high-end sustainable footwear

Remeant has been transforming discarded plastic – from landfills and oceans – to create sustainable textile which has unique appearance and extraordinary application possibilities. The bubble wrap sneaker being a perfect example.

The recycled bubble wrap material is reportedly 100-percent vegan. The major highlight of the material is its myriad variety of colors and texture, which can be seen in the vegan nat-2 Sleek Low that makes every pair waterproof and unique. Thus no two pairs are exactly the same.

The construction

Descriptively, the upper of the Sleek Low is made from bubble wrap material, while its midsole is made from removable cork. The outsole is made from rubber and the laces are created from recycled PET. The standout attraction here is the heel collar made from reflecting glass particles.  

The unisex pair of sneakers is made by hand in a small family production in Italy. Being shaped as the unique timeless classic low, it weighs 250g. There is no word on production or if these will be made for consumers but if they do, given the properties of used material, the sneakers will be highly durable, easy to clean and waterproof.