Nestle to release Whisky Barrel Aged Kitkat exclusive in Japan

Many people want to live in Japan right now for numerous reasons. But for us, it’s mainly because of the food and the limited edition products top brands often offer in the country. Perhaps it’s the novelty of things and the exclusivity of it all. 

Here’s another reason for you to want to travel to Japan: the Whisky Barrel Aged Kitkat. This new product from Nestle Japan’s Kit Kat Chocolatory is the latest to be announced. It’s not available yet but it’s arriving next week. 

From Barrel to Chocolate Bar

The Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kat will be released on December 15, 2020. It is made from Ghanaian cacao nibs that have been aged in Scotch barrels for about six months (180 days). The whiskey from island of Islay turns into a premium chocolate candy bar with a unique taste concocted by former Iron Chef contestant Yasumasa Takagi. 

The Japanese pastry chef has been known for coming up with new flavors of Kit Kat like the popular Sakura Green Tea and Orange Cocktail Noir. Takagi has focused on making special Kit Kat flavors that have proven to be successful. The latest is this Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kat. 

Have a Break, Have a Whisky Kit Kat

The famous chocolate bar that is composed of layers of chocolate, wafer, and cream is available in over 400 flavors. Most of them are sold in Japan. Nestle has been introducing innovations on the Kit Kat line for years including different flavors and making bars smaller for lesser calories. 

The Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kat will be available for purchase from the Nestle Kit Kat Chocolatory in Japan. Price is set at ¥300 per bar which is about $2.88 in the US. It will be ready in its full-size wafer glory. 

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