Nestron Cube Two prefab tiny home is designed to withstand any climate

Nestron, a Singapore-based company known for its tiny, smart homes brings to us the second iteration of its Cube One prefab home. Wrapped in galvanized steel to bear the brunt of the heatwave, Cube Two is a tiny home for tomorrow.

Stretched over 279-square-feet, this particular tiny home is specifically designed to withstand any climate and provide enough comfort for your fancy lifestyle.

The accommodation

Cube Two can accommodate up to four people and is a perfect place for partying while touring. The prefab home is fully furnished and features voice-controlled tech to make your chores easy. The tiny home comes with a living room, two bedrooms, kitchen, bar counter and a bathroom.  

The house is also wrapped in bright-white curved steel, which provides durability and a space-age aesthetic to lure your eyes. Capable of being shipped to any part of the world, Cube Two also features piping, sewage, lighting, and electrical systems and comes with built-in furniture that fits the curved edges to maximize interior space. Additionally, an aluminum-framed window system connects the living area to the outdoors.

More details

Cube Two comes with a digital lock system, color-changing lights, a smart music player, and electric blinds. Adding to its list of features is the electric-heated flooring, a compostable toilet, solar panels, air conditioning, a smart toilet, a motion-sensing light system, a smart mirror, and a security camera.

The kitchen is equipped with built-in cabinets and a sink. The house not only adds comfort to meet your lifestyle but also brings you closer to and nature and tranquility. The interior of Cube Two is designed in such a way that skylights in the living area and the bedrooms end up following the curvature of the ceiling, flooding the rooms with natural light that bounces off the white steel walls.

As per the makers, 90-percent material used to assemble the off-grid Cube Two is recycled, thus architecturally it contributes to a healthier environment. The house is available for starting price of $59,000 through Nestron, who are currently taking preorders for Cube Two. A buyer can expect to receive their order in about 90 days.