Netflix and Sotheby’s one-off New Balance 550 sneaker comes with an extraterrestrial touch

Adam McKay’s latest project “Don’t Look Up” is coming to Netflix on December 24, just in time for Christmas eve. To celebrate the release, Netflix has teamed up with Sotheby’s to create one-off New Balance 550 sneaker which is truly out of this world.

This sneaker is extremely exclusive because it features 4.5 billion years old meteor fragments. It is customized by Matt Burgess, founder of MattBCustoms, a brand specialized in adding vibrant enhancements to silhouettes.

The interesting details

The New Balance 550 with an extraterrestrial touch is commissioned to pay tribute to Jennifer Lawrence’s on-screen character Kate Dibiasky – an astronomy grad student – who along with her professor Dr. Randall Mindy played by Leonardo DiCaprio, makes a breakthrough discovery of a comet on course to collide with the Earth.

The Dibiasky’s 550 sneaker is very rare, as you’d probably assume. Only one size 10 sneaker is customized with the N logo and the side panels filled with fragments of pallasite meteorite that were discovered in the bed of River Hekandue in Russia.

The making and cause

Sotheby’s notes, in total 34 meteor fragments have been used on the gray and white sneaker. Each fragment has been precisely cut using a high-pressure water jet and then set painstakingly by Matt and his team to transform an ordinary pair of 550 into the most exclusive and expensive New Balance sneaker ever.

The Dibiasky’s New Balance 550 with all the rate meteorite pieces emblazoned to it, won’t be everyday wear. No wonder then, Sotheby’s is offering the pair for £10,000 (approx. $13,500) with proceeds going to World Wide Fund.