New Balance Limited Edition 998 Sneakers are Outrageously Cool

Brands these days are getting proactive about recycling, owing to the long –term impact on the environment. This makes sense as more and more people are adopting the approach of reuse in their daily life.

In the recent past, shoemaking giants like Nike, Puma, and ADIDAS have come-up with shoes made from plastic waste and this has paved way for other brands worldwide to follow suit. Case in point New Balance.

New Balance Limited Edition 998

Made completely out of leftover material from manufacturing other conventional shoes in their line-up, New balance has designed the Limited Edition 998 Shoe. It’s either love it or hate it, the first time you lay your eyes on this pair. Boasting a completely off-beat style, these shoes are nothing like the conventional 998 sneakers from the brand.

New Balance rolled out 100 of these pairs and they sold out within minutes after they were up for purchase. Clearly, people loved the outrageously cool sneakers which are more like a pair of running shoes on a high dose of steroids. There’s no uniformity to the design, yet there’s perfection in chaos which is the selling point.

A sneaker that shouts out loud

If there was no New Balance branding on the shoe, you would mistake it for a pair from some high-end design house. But it’s NB that has the courage to release such an out-of-the-box iteration. The frenzied snips of suede and the uneven mesh pieces leave a whole lot to be desired.

Each one of them is unique as the material used is random. It’ made from leftover materials from other shoes. Yet, there are buyers who are bonkers to buy this pair and even crazy to wear them out on the streets.

That said, the New Balance US 998 comes in three options – the monochromatic white and black; subtle green, black and magenta; and the cool faded blue, scarlet red and white combo. They carry $119.99 price tag for a pair. Would you buy one of these the next time they are up for grabs?