New Balance Sufmock Collection introduced for the winter season

The search for the coolest errr, warmest winter shoes is on. We have featured a few pairs already and we’ll continue to do so until the cold season is over. 

The last one we featured, the Adidas Originals Superstar Aerostar, is already a worthy choice. Close to its design is this new one from New Balance—the New Balance Sufmock Collection.

New Balance Sufmock

New Balance Sufmock X and Sufmock 2 Launch

Two styles are ready: the New Balance Sufmock and the New Balance Sufmock 2. The two pairs are mainly similar in many ways but you can distinguish them from each other.

These winter shoes are designed with comfort and style in mind. The silhouettes give the feeling of comfort, relaxation, and warmth. 

The New Balance Sufmock is ready in Green Camo. This style features a lightweight upper in nylon mesh. It’s water-repellant to keep you from the cold whenever you’re out walking to enjoy the Christmas air. The lining is set in warm red. The shoes’ offer the best feel with the  multi-layered footbed. 

New Balance Sufmock 2

New Balance Sufmock X and Sufmock 2 Price

The New Balance Sufmock 2 appears to be a more minimalist choice in all black. It comes in a two-way slip-on style for easy wearing. The  Sufmock 2 is finished off with HEAT LOFT. 

 The New Balance Sufmock X and New Balance Sufmock 2 are now available to purchase on the Atmos store. Price tag of the first pair reads ¥8,900 which is about $79. The Sufmock 2 is ¥6,500 ($57).