New Balance XC-72 Cream White version available this weekend

New Balance always comes up with stunning new designs. Most of the latest styles introduced are considered stylish yet very functional. 

One area New Balance is good at is choosing the colorways. Different silhouettes have been released in new and different colors. Most of them sell out fast and we think the same will happen to the New Balance XC-72 Cream White version. 

New Balance XC-72 Cream White

New Balance XC-72 is a popular design. We saw a pair last month in Blue Yellow. This time, the Cream White version offers a more minimalist look. 

They say the New Balance XC-72 is retro futuristic. That can be argued but combining the Balance 327 and 237 models is definitely a good move. 

New Balance XC-72 Design

 New Balance XC-72 comes with  suede panels, leather body, and a pointed tread.  The large “N” logo on the side is set in white.–whiter than the other parts.

On the toe box, there is an orange split. The heel tab is in aqua blue while the shoelaces are in deep blue for added color. 

The New Balance XC-72 Cream White will be available this weekend, October 2, in the Middle East. No information on pricing yet but we’ll let you know soon.