New G-SHOCK GMDB800 women sports watch is a healthy souvenir

Introducing G-SHOCK- GMDB800, a latest addition to the summer G-SHOCK ‘S’ series of sports watches for women. Casio America, in its signature style presents this fitness keeper as an exclusive gift option that you may pick for a lady in your life.

Along with its fitness and health tracking capabilities, this watch has a downsized case as compared to the men’s edition, offering an improved fit on a slim elegant wrist type. This model can be paired with G-SHOCK GBA800 from men’s fitness series. Both enjoy similar features, but with this unique pairing ability with one another, they set up a healthy ‘his-and-hers’ relation. Sharing a healthy routine together is not a bad idea.

What makes it trending   

For a deeper insight into your daily fitness regime, this contemporary timepiece features an accelerometer for counting steps taken daily. Has an interval timer that allows you create up to 20 combinations of five timers each and an in-built memory that records up to 200 laps.

Additionally, the watch can be linked to a smartphone via Bluetooth. When synced to a phone, using the dedicated application you can access multiple functions supporting your workout routine. Along with calculating calories burnt, setting up daily step target, you can create timer combinations and display them on the watch. The app also helps in maintaining a step count log with five work-out intensity levels.

More features to fall for

With a dream of creating a watch that never breaks. Casio’s shock resistance G-SHOCK series brings modern design, practical functionality and durability on one platform. This digital step tracker includes an app based auto time setting for reliable timekeeping. It supports home and world time swapping, alarm setting, and phone finder functionality. With automatic LED light trait, the watch is shock resistant and water resistant up to200 meter.

According to the company, The GMDB800 series is available in two summer nuance color schemes inspired by sportswear and shoes. Each watch is priced at $99. This sports watch will sure help an active woman in strategizing a meaning full fitness routine. But for women looking forward to tone and get in shape, this sports gadget on her wrist will be a huge motivator.