Refreshing New Year’s Eve drinks: Say cheers!

New Year means a new beginning, and we all are eagerly awaiting the year 2021 to start afresh. After a long and disappointing passing year, we would all want to greet the oncoming one by raising a toast!

Whether you like it creamy or fruity, there is a beverage for every distinct taste. You can either try the French 75 cocktail or the Cranberry mimosas during the evening celebrations or maybe pick from other options to propose a toast. Either way, here are a few joyful and bubbly drinks to ensure your glass is brimming with the holiday flavor when it’s raised.

Blueberry Mint Mocktail

Prepared with fresh mint and blueberries, ginger ale, and blueberry syrup. This recipe has basic ingredients to create festive vibes. The syrup can be made from fresh or frozen blueberries; and the amount of mint flavor can be tweaked depending on your preference. Just mix some berry syrup, mint, and ginger ale in a pitcher and you will have yourself a great mocktail for the party.

Pomegranate French 75

“Casablanca” fans know this drink rather perfectly – this twist on the classic gin and Champagne cocktail, French 75 cocktail is perfect for New Year’s Eve celebration. Lemon juice and pomegranate molasses in this drink add a unique and celebratory flavor. You can serve this delicious drink paired with lime twist and pomegranate seeds.

Peppermint Cranberry Mocktail

Featuring peppermint, cranberry, and rosemary as key essentials, this mocktail oozes holiday goodness. This non-alcoholic drink has only a handful of ingredients that are easily available. To create the mocktail, you’ll need to combine Peppermint syrup, cranberry juice, simple syrup, a dash of lemon juice, and club soda in a cocktail shaker. Use fresh cranberries and rosemary to garnish the drink.

Blackberry Ginger Mocktail

Blackberry Ginger Mocktail is a delicious sparking drink for a party; moreover, you can prepare it as a refreshing morning drink too. It includes ginger, honey, lemon for various flavors, and blackberries for tart sweetness and plenty of antioxidant. Mix some blackberries and lemon slices in a cup, add ice cubes, ginger ale and a teaspoon of honey, and give it a whirl.

Clementine Martini

Add some clever sparkle to your party with Clementine Martini. These light martinis include fresh juice, high-quality liquor, and a slash of club soda. The citrus cocktail is perfect to be served at a celebratory event include the welcome of a new year; it blends Clementine juice with vodka, orange liqueur and fizz.

Grapefruit and Rosemary Mimosa

These delicious mimosas are the ideal and refreshing way to kick off a new year. This twist on the traditional orange juice mimosa gives you a slightly bitter, herbal blend. To prepare rosemary syrup, you need to bring water and sugar to a simmer over medium heat, and add the rosemary sprigs and stir. To serve, fill glasses with grapefruit juice, rosemary syrup, and champagne.

Fig Honey Thyme Prosecco Smash

Welcome the New Year with Fig Honey Thyme Prosecco Smash. This fig smash is perfect drink for a celebratory occasion, with its warm and cozy taste, it gives a summer vibe. Just add the figs, plums, elderflower liquor, lemon juice, honey, and thyme to a cocktail shaker, using a muddler, gently push the figs down until they release their juices and are lightly smashed; and shake until your drink is ready.