Nicolas Cage’s private island in Bahamas is now up for grabs

There are two kinds of people in this world. My kind, who’d work their ass off six days a week and wait for their salary only to put it into a fixed deposit for a safe and sound future. And the Nicolas Cage kind, who’d earn a heavy paycheck and then spend it to buy multiple houses, a haunted mansion, and even a dinosaur skull. ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’ star was so much obsessed with antique items that he even bought a 9-ft-tall pyramid tomb which is currently housed in St. Louis 1, New Orleans’s oldest cemetery.

The Academy-winning star was at the peak of his career in the 2000s and was even reported among the highest-paid star in Hollywood. So, what do you do with all that heap of money? Well, Nicholas Cage exactly knew what to do and went on to buy a couple of islands. One of those islands, located in the Bahamas, is now up for grabs as the ghost rider has decided to let go one of his eccentric purchases.

30 acres property in Bahamas

After purchasing the island in 2006, Nicolas Cage has listed his private Bahamas property for sale. The 30 acres Leaf Cay is a paradise in Bahamas and situated in the island chain of Exume. The island is still undeveloped and you might have to build stuff from a scratch (in case you plan on buying).

Nevertheless, the island still features three pristine beaches which are drop-dead gorgeous and will leave you dazzled by its exotic beauty. In addition, there is protected deep water access that will allow you to bring in yachts, in case you plan on hosting a cruise party someday. And how can one ignore, the sparkling clear blue waters that is eye-candy.

Have you got $7,500,000?

We are not familiar with the motive behind why Cage has decided to sell this property, but whatever might be the reason, the island looks hot as hell. You may have to shell $7,500,000 to get this property under your name. And, don’t worry, you are not alone, the island is located just south of Bock Cay that is reported to get an exclusive retreat with homes and a golf course very soon; so you will have friends nearby to share rum with.

The island is approved to construct five cottages and support buildings. If you are still pondering what to do with a barren island, you are too bleak with your imagination darling. If I was at your place, I’d start a restaurant, open a casino or may even rent the island for filming and who knows, I may even discover a new species of flora or fauna. The possibilities are endless. And, if you are a broken-hearted soul, just buy this to swank your richness to your ex in style.