NightWatch: Stylish dock transforms Apple Watch into bedside alarm clock

Apple Watch comes with a range of fitness and health monitoring features, which also includes sleep tracking. Most users prefer to wear the watch as they sleep for best sleep tracking, but if for some reason you prefer not to track your sleep and have the watch placed on the bedside table; you have now a chance to convert the nifty accessory into a full-fledged alarm clock you’d want by the bedside.

Enter NightWatch, an exclusively designed dock for the Apple Watch that features an interesting NightStand mode. This allows the NightWatch screen to magnify the Apple Watch docked within and provides it a larger touchscreen that can be tapped to wake up the watch face, so user can see the time during the night.

The dock

The curved glass display on the NightWatch magnifies the otherwise tiny screen of the Apple Watch so it can be seen from a distance. The watch goes in behind the curved display with its charger.

While the NightWatch doesn’t ship with its own charger, it makes provision for the Apple Watch charger to fit seemingly and allow the Apple accessory to be converted into a complete clock.

More details

In addition to being able to magnify the Apple Watch face, this accessory can also amplify the watch’s audio. Nifty! An alarm clock without loud sound would otherwise be useless. Unfortunately, there is no snooze option here, so an alarm here means – out of bed and nothing short!

The beautifully designed accessory complements the Apple Watch aesthetics with its single piece, solid lucite construction, which is hand polished to achieve the mirror finish. The NightWatch is available for a retail price of $49.99.