Civility Transparent Mask protects ably and looks cool too

Face masks are a novelty in current times where safety is paramount when outdoors. This has prompted many designers to come up with their version of a safe mask which is comfortable to wear and looks good. Yet another creation has just propped-up on the scene and the idea of it is promising.

This is the Civility Transparent Mask up on crowd-funding platform Indiegogo for backers to make the project a reality. The mask is the brainchild of a team of fourteen designers and fifteen engineers headed by French engineer Pierre Blondon.

Transparent Face Mask

This next generation face mask for protection from airborne pathogens, COVID-19 in particular, is made out of glass and has a TPE seal protecting the face. It features a filtration system that’s better than the protection of N95 masks. According to tests carried out by French Government Defense agency it filters 98 percent of 0.3 particles and has breathability of less than Pa/cm².

Since, the mask is transparent, there is a chance of fogging inside. That however is countered by the electric fans on each side of the mask, one that blows the air in and the other that blows it out. These fans come with a replaceable filtration system that works for 12 hours.

Fit and function of the accessory

Civility mask is ergonomically designed to fit anyone with ease and the weight is also not much. It typically weighs less than a normal smartphone. This means it is ultra-comfortable to wear for extended period of time. To clean the mask you just have to wipe it with a 70-percent alcohol solution, meaning that it will last for years to come.

To top it off, the mask looks ultra-cool and is perfect for urban wearers. Pledging it now on Indiegogo means you’ll get it for an initial price of $39, along with the free filters that last for a month. After the campaign, filters will cost $10.    

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  • Rachel Marcotte
    Posted March 3, 2021 9:09 am 0Likes

    I’ve been following the Civility Mask since before Christmas of last year. When are they going to release this thing?

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