Nike Air VaporMax 360 wears classic silhouette upper on a modern sole

Drawing inspiration from the heritage running shoes such as the 2006 Air Max 360, the Nike Air VaporMax 360 is as impressive, laddish and crazy as it can get in 2020.

With classic silhouette upper and a VaporMax midsole, the new VaporMax 360 is definitely not for the ones who like their classics as is. For anyone else, this is the Nike runner you should be looking at this year, especially for its color and comfort.

The retro-modern look

It is delivered in subtle gloss, light gray upper with the VaporMax sole, which is designed for that walking in the air feel. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay and with the new color combo and full-length foam midsole, the Air VaporMax 360 has us floored already.

Those tiny streaks on the upper seem to be flowing backwards, cutting the air as you walk, as if some aerodynamic thing is going on. The forefoot with welded synthetic details and Soowsh in the lateral and midfoot with embroidered blue outline give the sneakers its unique appearance. The fused synthetic enhances visual right through the shoe, especially at the rear.

When’s it landing?

The Air VaporMax 360 has supper cushy collar that feels thick, contouring the ankle for a comfortable fit. It wears a very familiar speed lacing system to lock you in instantly.

Details are scanty on this pair at the moment. Even the official launch date is unknown. But we learn that the Air VaporMax 360 has landed in certain reselling platforms beginning January 30 for $225.