Ninjoo is selling gold dumbbells, foosball table and smart skipping rope

If you appreciate bling and want your lifestyle to be filled with goodies that are limited to only a select few. Here is new fitness equipment and certain sporting goods that you’ll want in your man cave to motivate you to work out and play.

When Dubai-based Ninjoo – a fitness and lifestyle concept store – was kick-started by Aurore Nio, Dimitris Karakassis and Saeed Al Naji, the main focus was to bring new spice to the sporting goods and fitness equipment, which presumable – to them – has not kept up with the athleisure trend in the recent years.

The gold dumbbells

Ninjoo has brought forth super exclusive collection which includes a set of, made to order gold dumbbells, an embellished foosball table, and Chrome smart skipping rope and a few more items. The highlight of the Ninjoo’s new assortment remains the gold dumbbells.

The pair of dumbbells from Hock is synonymous with Dubai’s penchant for gold. This made-to-order set from the German brand is made from 18K gold and is priced at Dh540,000 (roughly $147,000). The total gold used in the pair of dumbbells adds up to almost 1.5kg. The dumbbells feature grip made from African Blackwood termed Grenadilla and are provided in handmade wooden case.

More from the collection

RS2 table football from RS Barcelona is another option in the collection which is detailed in 24K gold and is yet apt for both outdoor and indoor use. The table weighs 84kgs and features players dressed in silver and gold chrome finish (different colors for distinction in teams). The foosball table is priced at Dh31,900 ($8,700).  

Beyond all the gold is a smart skipping rope made by Tangram that connects with a dedicated mobile app to keep track of the user’s jumps. To make things exciting, the rope comes embedded with 24 LEDs that light up as the rope rotates over your head. The smart rope costs only Dh313 ($85) but it lets you challenge friends remotely or even create groups to compare your scores with others online.